Cerebus Effect is a fusion/progressive rock band which can be found recording and performing
throughout Baltimore, MD U.S.A. The instrumentation, consisting of guitar, keyboards, bass,
and drums, conveys a wide array of harmonic, rhythmic, and melodic counterpoint. All of the
instrumentalists alternate between soloing and accompaniment to balance the emphasis
musically in the orchestration. Odd time signatures, aggression, and jam sessions also
are well known characteristics which make up this band's vision and repertoire.

Featured on guitar and keys, Joseph Walker lends his technical expertise and truly original stylistic concepts as proven in the works of Cerebus Effect and many endeavorous solo projects of the past. Joseph's solos and compositional approach are very unique and well worth concentration. Leader and founder of Uncle Gut and the co-creator of Dysfunctional Family, Bassist Mike Galway anchors the rhythm section with rock solid grooves and melodic soloing, creating a sonic backdrop of funk rock fusion that compliments and fortifies Cerebus Effect.
Joe Walker Mike Galway

Original member of Cerebus Effect and odd-meter threat, drummer Patrick Gaffney adds backbone, complexity and hyperactivity to the bands already tense compositions giving syncopation a stronghold in this effort. Other projects are Deluge Grander, Chaos Code and Fine Lines. From keyboardist Dan Britton, you can expect harmonically rich accompaniment with crafty and tasteful solos. In addition, his compositional skills bring an added element of flavor and integrity to the bands songs and performances. Also a member of Deluge Grander, Birds and Buildings, and the MAD Tribe.
Patrick Gaffney Dan Britton

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