Acts of Deception Dark Matter Live At Orion

Acts of Deception : Cerebus Effect's Acts of Deception is a brand new, full-length, release.
It features 11 songs ranging from intense instrumentals to epic vocal compositions. While
spotlightingthe performers from Dark Matter, this album added a full-time keyboardist,
Dan Britton, fulfilling the anticipation of hearing both keys and guitar delicately
intertwined. Try these samples. You'll appreciate this new, long-awaited release
from Cerebus Effect. To get a copy of Acts of Deception, go here.

Y : there's a whirlwind of melodies and solos in this enlightening composition.
Identity Crisis : the aggressive bite is back on this tune. Cerebus Effect's debut vocal song.
Operation Midnight Climax : lots of parts to this epic song which also features vocals

Dark Matter : Cerebus Effect's Dark Matter was compiled by the members of the
band and promotes various styles of compositional arrangements. Below are some samples
from that CD and brief descriptions of each. This CD can be purchased by going here.

Ghandi Chops : a progressive rock/fusion heavy thriller with an extended guitar solo over various changes.
Calamityville : an even darker 3/4 mantra encapsulating a completely dissonant 20th Century minor 2nd improvisation.

Live At Orion : Due to public demand, we have decided to release the rare Live at Orion recordings from
September 8, 2001. We were asked to open up for the Japanese trio, Ars Nova, and jumped at the chance.
This CD can be purchased by going here.

Symposium : classical constructs abound in the tonalities of this wieldy tune, with plenty of odd meters to spice things up.
Proxima's Extinguish : a sci-fi thriller for sure. Cruising thru outerspace at the speed of light and the radio turned on to the weird station.

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